Imaging - X-ray dental sensors

A flexible approach to CCD and CMOS digital dental X-ray imaging is offered by e2v to suit the needs of OEMs and a rapidly developing market.

e2v offers ccd dental image sensors and drive electronics for the following applications:


Each ccd dental sensor is supplied as a complete unit, comprising sealed package with cable and connector. Used with a sheath (not supplied) for insertion into the mouth, the package is designed to be cleaned with aqueous sterilising fluids commonly used in dental surgeries.

Extra-oral (panoramic)

Full panoramic X-Ray images assist in the monitoring of all teeth in relation to each other where perhaps major oral surgery or manipulation of the position of teeth is undertaken.

Cephalometric (full head)

Images of the entire head are particularly useful during major surgery or where there are consequential affects on the teeth from surgery on the head, or vice versa.

Custom design

e2v works closely with its OEM customers to develop customised CCD and CMOS based dental imaging sensors to suit their individual requirements. For more information please contact your local sales office by following this link.