L3Vision Cameras & Sensors

L3Vision (also known as electron multiplication CCD or EMCCD) is an advanced CCD technology that offers performance in excess of the best intensified CCDs. L3Vision finds its main areas of application in photon-starved situations such as night-time surveillance, astronomy or the detection of fluorescent and luminescent markers in life sciences. Its ability to operate across the full range of light levels brings a huge increase in system flexibility. In life sciences, fast, high sensitivity operation can be combined with quantitative, slow-scan and time integrated imaging measurements. For surveillance, true 24-hour capability is now possible in one sensor.


Patented L3Vision sensors offer a new capability in low light imaging. The image signal is amplified on the chip while it is still in the charge domain. This allows the sensor to operate in real time with sub-electron equivalent readout noise, enabling very dim sources and very dark scenes to be imaged. These sensors are available with shielded anti-blooming, which maintains full well capacity and high quantum efficiency whilst minimising blooming from strong light sources in the object being imaged.


L3Vision cameras provide optimised solutions for the most demanding imaging applications. e2v has designed and supplied to complex requirements for a variety of space, military and industrial applications across the globe.

In 2006, e2v won a Queen''s Award for Enterprise, Innovation category, for its L3Vision sensors and cameras.