Imaging - Industrial Sensors

e2v is one of the leading companies in the field of high-end image sensors dedicated to aerospace, medical, graphic art and industrial applications.

In addition to an extended product offering, featuring devices that cover the full spectrum range from X-ray imaging to the complete visible spectrum. e2v has also developed a tremendous expertise in custom design capabilities. This allows the company to deliver high performance image sensors dedicated to the most demanding applications in terms of resolution, dynamic range, speed and colour filter performance.

e2v owns two state-of-the-art Fab plants fully dedicated to the manufacture of CCD Image Sensors.


e2v high performance cameras are ideally suited for vision applications in a severe industrial environment.

Wafer and assembly processes are Space qualified.

  • Web Inspection
  • Guidance
  • Surface inspection
  • Bar code reading OCR
  • Sorting

Product Overview

e2v''s CCD Image Sensor product range is dedicated to visible and X ray imaging applications for the industrial, medical, biomedical, aerospace and graphic arts markets. The key characteristics for the diffeent layouts are as follows:

CCD Linescan Arrays

  • Pixel size : 7 x 7 µm / 10 x 10 µm / 14 x 14 µm
  • Resolution : from 512 to 12 000 pixels
  • Data rate : from 2 outputs at 25 Mhz each to 4 outputs at 30 Mhz
  • No lag effect
  • Colour filters


CCD Area Arrays

  • Frame transfer and full frame organizations 
  • Resolution : up to 16 million pixels
  • Data rate : up to 160 Mhz
  • Black and White / Color versions
  • Color filters
  • Antiblooming


Custom Design

In addition to its standard product offer, e2v can be your partner for your custom-design sensors, such as :

  • CCD linear arrays
  • CCD Area Arrays
  • Selection of TDI stages number